That's the note that Sally made for Faldo, she carried it to him and that is why he can vote

Tote to Time is the 4th episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

Even though Tote to Time is an episode of Sally Skunk, that's why it's episode 4. Wierd is it, that episode is about Faldo being voted. Why would he be voted? does he wanna grow up to be president. He's such a friend to Sally and Bitsy, he was great with them because they are girls. What on Earth did Sally know that Faldo was going to be voted, she knows that he is going to be voted as president,. She was about to explain that he will be greety, you know this is like a book. I think he will be greety by being a friend, and he is great from being voted. That's how it happends in this episode. It looks like how this can be a great episode, but Tote to Time is like a version of Peanuts and is great for a native begenning. I even know how the episode begeins as it came, but oh how Faldo being voted was great, but it was great for any child to see that part in Tote to Time were he can be vote.


I know how it's these two on this episode

  • Sally Skunk
  • Faldo Fox

Notes & trivia

  • Why would Faldo be voted
  • Why will you be voted