Sally and Faldo were drinking their juice in the episode, they both love it, they respect their plans to drink it,

Sopt Obeams is the 2nd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

In the tradition of Foobson, Sopt Obeams is defenetly the second episode of Sally Skunk. All fans of Sally Skunk may recharge of this episode and they all may know how the whole started with thar one, what you think how the episode started, I do think how it begeins. This is a start of the showdown, in case of all begennings in Sopt Obeams, maybe we can see how it looks than the whole show.


Funny huh, there are three characters, two young ones and an older one, do you know

  • Sally Skunk
  • Faldo Fox
  • Sally's Father

Notes & trivia

  • So you know the part in Sopt Obeams where Sally and Faldo drunk their boxes of apple juice
  • Where do you know that Bitsy didn't show on Foobson and this title
  • Do you respected that the scene in this episode with Faldo and Sally drinking apple juice