So wierd that Sally can't go outside without her pants, she has to put em back on before she goes outside. She defenetly remembers about it

Minds of Your Lines is the 3rd episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

So Minds of Your Lines was originally an episode of Sally Skunk that everyone likes, that episode is cool as if it does know how it looks to the same way than that. Every child can see how Minds of Your Lines is a versionary episode, but the episode didn't take place that way. Everyone cares how easy the episode looks. To see how easy the episode looks as well, we all do know how it can be made in 2013 but the show was made in 2012, this adventure is more cool that any other Sally Skunk episode, but we do straight ways for the annual adventure show that takes place from anyone. It's kind of cool about the adventure in Minds of Your Lines. It may be a cool tale from what we know about this time, man we ever think of how it would be easy near some cool ways.


Learn some fun new ways about this episode, only three characters

  • Sally Skunk
  • Faldo Fox
  • Bitsy Bear

Notes & trivia

  • Do you like Bitsy
  • What do you know when Sally has no pants in the first scene in this episode
  • What does the intro look like