Bitsy grabbed Sally in the shirt in the episode, I snipped this image

It Named Yah is the 5th episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

Even though It Named Yah came, it also came as an annual episode. The episode did take place, but it's like a contempurary episode. It came for it's creature fan club for an annual series bash up this time when it came for an annual advenure episode of Sally Skunk, but it's a cool episode, but I think about the part where Bitsy torred Sally's shirt off, it's very odd to see that part a little odd, but I know that It Named Yah was an annual episode there was. Even that was very impressive. And I would explained how the episode was really rare like the whole show, but It Named Yah is exacly the most defendable\ episode all kids have ever seen. It did came as a 5th episode of Sally Skunk, so everyone can see how the episode is going, but everyone is compared with the episode as fans of Sally Skunk. Nearly I ever made sense for It Named Yah to be seen, and I would think it looks great when it came for an annual update, and it looks that the episode has been setted for a fun episode. True can be seen for the part of this episode together since Bitsy doezn't care for Sally, and I think she has any inclusion about her, but I knew how the episode can look for everyone's attention together, and that is how you can explain to this hour. And It Named Yah was a great episode there was. I'd rather be so interested to be great for this thing. When the episode came to a brand new mostion event of the episode, and I always knew the part in this childhood series, but I knew how it would be so great for annual timeless hit of Sally Skunk, but I would be great for it.


You know these characters

  • Sally Skunk
  • Bitsy Bear

Notes & trivia

  • Do you like the song Looby-Loo
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