This image takes different from me, Sally and Rocky were the samefor all the female preschoolers who love Sally Skunk may know the characters

Foobson is the 1st episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

You may have heard of this project, Foobson is perhaps the first episode of Sally Skunk, it was rejently came as the one episode that features how the episode started as a nominee than the whole series. Every child cannot believe how this was the same, when Foobson came as the first episode starring Sally Skunk, it really came as a cool series, as known as Sally Skunk, yes, a cool show that came for a nominee. We do know how funny the whole show looks, I ever been rewarder for a cool way for any days as anyone can remember all the moments from anyone, and we can see about the humor.


The first part in Foobson is like when Rocky bit Sally in the arm, can you expect them please

  • Sally Skunk
  • Rocky Raccoon
  • Faldo Fox

Notes & trivia

  • I know your child is a fan of Sally Skunk, you parents also have faverote characters especially Bisty Bear, she is a coolest cub.
  • Anyway, why would Sally & Faldo make friends
  • Wonder why Sally is funny
  • Could you at least know that Rocky bit Sally in the arm in Foobson