Sally and Bitsy greeted Faldo, they suprised him

Blat Eroo is the 7th episode in the series.

Plot synopsis

If you watch the episode Blat Eroo, it became the most impressive episode that has ever been the most coolest episode there was. I recently know that episode was great for an annual secret to the whole show, and it's recently great for everyone who loves the show, but I think of this great and limited new hitten for the episode when it came for an annual episode date that started with this show, and I will think of all this annual show will combine. If Blat Eroo was a cool episode, I think it arrives as an annual chapter of Sally Skunk. You can show off how it's easy for the show and it's seventh episode. Man I see how it really gets into all of these annual start as I can see about Sally and Bitsy hanging around in front of Faldo, and do I think they appeared behind him, you can see how it looks in that scene together. Although i do remain it, it became as this episode is like a rock all the time.


Who are these characters in this episode

  • Sally Skunk
  • Faldo Fox
  • Bitsy Bear

Notes & trivia

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